So it’s been a manic couple of weeks, which seems wholly typical because my children have just broken up for their summer holidays.
Alas, that is the nature of my job. Fortunately I have a supportive husband and family and a network of amazing friends that help out with the little people when work gets so busy.

Continuing on with my series of informative videos, below we have the second video in the series, and today we’re talking about funerals.

Now, most people who know me will know how deep my passion for creating meaningful funerals run. So as a gentle starter, this is an introduction to celebrant-led funerals. As a subject of much taboo, some of the images may be quite disturbing for some of you, but please try and open your mind and see the beauty and meaning behind it. The families with whom the images are related to have been beautifully open and have allowed me to share these poignant moments with you all, and for that I’m eternally grateful.

Please note, although I generalise ‘us’ celebrants under one term, you will find (as in all sectors) that not all celebrants work the way I do. Far from it in some cases! But the whole point of sharing these videos and blogs to make you all aware of the ownership you have over these services, and so you have every right to determine how that celebrant works for you – which should be in a completely transparent nature.

As time goes, I will also cover more in depth aspects of funeral services, such as direct cremation and burial, DIY and green funerals, funeral costings and how to keep prices down, as well as further examples of how to create a beautifully comforting moment that is reflective of your loved one. And of course, we will delve into the world that is Weddings and Namings shortly!
But, as always, if you have any particular questions you’d like answered, simply email me and I’ll address it as soon as I can.

Love and light to you all.