Naming Ceremonies


Welcoming a new life into the world is simply life changing and certainly an event to be celebrated! No matter how old your little bundle is, a Naming Ceremony is a wonderful event that can either focus on publically naming your child and welcoming them into your community of family or friends, or it can be designed to unite step-siblings/adopted children into a new family environment, with the help of a Naming Celebrant.

Often in a Naming Ceremony, supporting adults, ‘Guardians’, or ‘Godparents’ are appointed, and both parents and supporting adults (and even grandparents in most cases) declare a series of promises to the child, and symbolic acts such as the lighting of a candle or a rose petal shower can take place to mark the Naming Day.  As a Naming Celebrant, I take great pride in my work and make sure every detail is well thought out to ensure that you celebrate your little one in exactly the way you wish!

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